1.2- Practically Famous

Adam awoke the following morning after a very uncomfortable night’s sleep with a hankering for eggs and toast. There was a lot he wanted to get done so a hearty breakfast was just what he needed to keep his energy levels up. As he cooked, he hoped that no one would turn up to interrupt his work. The smell of the food was making his tummy growl and he realised he hadn’t eaten anything since he had arrived in Newcrest the morning before. He dished up his food and savoured every bite before having a quick shower and getting dressed.

Adam made his way to the back garden to tend to his plants. After a bit of weeding, watering and harvesting, he sold his produce and pulled out his notepad and pen. Examining each plant thoroughly, he scribbled down some notes about them and came up with some ideas for grafting them to create new plant types. His first plan was to graft a Snapdragon and a Strawberry together to hopefully create a Dragonfruit. Adam had heard that Dragonfruit was a much more effective fertiliser than most fish.

Adam finished his gardening fairly quickly and was excited to have some time to explore the neighbourhood. He had wanted to do it when he arrived, but when he saw all the Sims that were waiting for him, he decided it would be better to get to know them a little. After all, he wanted to make Newcrest a great place to live and those Sims were potential future residents. On his walk, he came across a lot of wild plants that were ready for harvest and picked them to add to his growing garden.

He also came across a pretty girl who was jogging by. Adam was surprised when she doubled back to talk to him. “Oh my gosh! Are you the new Mayor?” Her smile was beautiful and Adam couldn’t help but stare at her. “That’s me. You can call me Adam.” The woman tucked her hair behind her ear. “I’m Dina. It’s so nice to meet you. Everyone has been talking about you.” Adam blushed. “Oh, really?” Dina nodded. “Yeah, you’re practically famous in Oasis Springs!”

Adam grinned. “Wow, I had no idea! I sound like an awesome Sim. I should totally get my autograph!” He almost kicked himself for telling what was quite possibly the worst joke in the world, but was taken aback when Dina laughed. Well, it was more like a giggle and Adam thought it sounded beautiful. “You’re funny.” She smiled again, causing Adam’s heart to flutter. “Maybe I’ll see you around here again soon?” He asked, hopeful. As she walked past him she spoke in sort of a whisper. “Soon, Adam.”

And she meant it. On her way home from her jog, Dina stopped by. They spent the afternoon fishing and chatting across the pond. Adam learnt a lot about her. She told him about her sister, Nina and how she had always wanted to be like her when they were little. He learnt all about her mother, Katrina, and Don, her mother’s ‘boy toy’ who was also interested in her and her sister. Adam didn’t like men like Don and hoped he would never have to meet him. He also hoped that he would never try anything with Dina because she deserved more respect than that.

Then Adam told Dina all about himself. He shared everything with her. He wasn’t sure what it was about her, but he felt like he had known her his whole life. Dina listened intently to Adam as he told her about his childhood and how he had always loved spending time outside in the fresh air. She laughed at his badly thought out jokes that no one else had ever laughed at because they were kind of lame. Her laugh was like music and Adam couldn’t get enough.

When it was time for Dina to head home, Adam spent the last few hours of the day sitting by the fishing pond deep in thought. He had dated girls before, but it had never lasted because he had so much trouble talking about himself. It was always the same. They would break up with him and their reason was always because they couldn’t get to know him properly. He wasn’t sure what made it so easy for him to share everything with Dina, especially considering they had only just met, but he kind of liked it.

Adam felt his tummy growl at him again, reminding him that it was time for dinner. He stood up and made his way back to the house for a quick meal of garden salad and another uncomfortable night of sleep.

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

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