1-2. First Day

My first day as an actual Scientist was exciting at first. I couldn’t wait to try out all the amazing machines. Turns out it was a lot harder than I thought. I must have mixed the wrong liquids in the beaker because it nearly exploded.

And then there was Eleanor Elderberry. She witnessed my little mishap and refused to leave me alone. If she wasn’t my supervisor I would have asked her if her mother was a hamster (a little lame Monty Python humour, please forgive me).

It seemed that watering the plants was the only way to get Elderberry off my back. After all, what can possibly go wrong with gardening? Apparently a lot, because I over-watered and the soil was spilling onto the floor. I think it’s safe to say my first day wasn’t going too well.

Still, Elderberry had finally left me alone, so I sneaked back to the lab and tried out the Invention Constructor.

I managed to invent a Momentum Conserver, which was pretty cool. If only I knew what it was supposed to do.

After a stressful first day of work, I was excited to have a nice meal cooked for me by my new Butler, Rachid.

Apparently, no one from the company had filled him in on my dietary preferences. He made Lobster Thermidor. My stomach churned as I swallowed the first bite.

Needless to say, I let him have it. How dare he offend me like this! I told him if he made me anything that wasn’t vegetarian again, I’d make sure he never worked as a butler again. Okay, so maybe I was overreacting, and perhaps a little spoiled, but after the day I had, I was not in the mood for anything else to go wrong.

I decided all I needed was a couple of drinks at a bar, but I was still feeling really tense. Not even the bartender could wow me with her tricks.

Something that never failed to put me in a good mood was pranks. When I got home from the bar, I spent a bit of time reading up on some new ways to cause mischief before climbing into bed.

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

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