1.1- Battle of the Mayors

It started out a typical Sunday morning in Newcrest- quiet, sunny, not a Sim in sight. But down on Ridgeline Drive, something exciting was happening…

Sims from all over had started to gather in anticipation of the arrival of Adam McClure, the town’s first resident. News of the plans for Newcrest had circulated and everyone was talking about him. The new Mayor, the brave man who was going to create a safe place for Sims to live. A place with no crime where living peacefully was no longer just a dream.

When he arrived, they swarmed on him, like moths to a brightly lit flame. Every single one of them wanted to talk to him. Adam was overwhelmed with the amount of Sims that were waiting for him. He introduced himself to all of them, but spent the most time talking with Geoffrey, a rich and successful man from Oasis Springs. He seemed friendly enough, but Adam got the feeling he was concerned about the presence of a new Mayor. Perhaps he was threatened, Adam thought.

After a good few hours of talking to complete strangers, Adam decided to sneak away. He was yet to see the inside of his new home and he needed a break from talking about himself. He was both surprised and relieved that no one noticed he had disappeared. The inside of his house was pretty small- a kitchenette and table with two chairs in the main living area, a tiny bathroom, and a single bed in a very small bedroom. Adam didn’t mind though. He would only be living here until the park was built so a small cabin wasn’t that big of a deal to him.

Things had seemed to quieten down outside, so Adam took the opportunity to get started on his gardening. He had bought a few packets of seeds with him and planted them at the back of the property next to the fishing hole. He figured it was the perfect spot and would allow him to catch fish to use as fertiliser.

As he was watering the freshly planted seeds, Adam noticed it was getting late. He was disappointed that his first day had gone by so fast and he wasn’t able to get much done. He also noticed that Sims had started to gather again out the front of his house. He sighed and made his way over to ask them for a bit of space to unpack and settle in.

As he was about to say his goodbyes, a man with black hair and a moustache cornered him. “You must be the new Mayor of this… town.” He looked intimidating and made Adam nervous. “I’m Mortimer Goth. Self-appointed Mayor of Willow Creek.” Adam gave his best smile and went to shake the man’s hand. “Let’s not beat around the bush, Mr. McClure. You don’t step on my toes, and I won’t step on yours.” With that, he shook Adam’s hand and walked away.

The confrontation with Mortimer had left Adam speechless and the spectators sauntered off, feeling awkward. He couldn’t get the man’s words out of his head as he changed into his pj’s and climbed into his cheap, uncomfortable bed. ‘You don’t step on my toes, and I won’t step on yours.’ The words echoed, as if the man was still talking to him. How could Adam possibly stand on his toes? He had only been Mayor for a day, whereas Mortimer practically built all of Willow Creek. Adam closed his eyes and willed himself to sleep, hoping that tomorrow would be a more productive day.

Outside, Bob Pancakes was lurking, quietly practising his mad chess skills. “I think I checkmated myself. Aww, man!”

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

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