The McClure’s Build Newcrest

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

This is hopefully going to be the start of a very long journey with the McClure family. My plan is to explore every single aspect (career, aspiration, etc.) of the base game before adding the packs one by one in the order that they were released by EA. This way I can learn and experience everything that each pack has to offer. This will be limiting at first and my builds may be pretty basic, but I plan to renovate some of them as new packs are added. For example, generation 1 requires me to build a park. With just the base game, there won’t be a whole lot of activities in the park, but when I add a new pack, new activities will be added. I hope you enjoy my story and invite you to follow the McClure family as they embark on many different journeys through many generations.

Now, onto the challenge…

The Build Newcrest challenge was created by Simply Vanilla Sims and can be found here It combines the creation of a legacy with the building of a town. I am excited to start this challenge and am looking forward to reading any feedback you may have.

As the story goes, the towns of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have suffered a severe economic downfall and a rise in criminal activity. The Sim Council is looking for a special Sim to take on the huge task of building a new town from the ground up. This new town is called Newcrest and is completely empty, apart from a couple of playgrounds and public toilets. Each generation is given a set of tasks that they need to complete before building something that will benefit the community.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my founder, Adam McClure.

Adam is an outgoing and romantic cowboy who loves the outdoors. His aspiration in life is to be a Freelance Botanist and he has just been chosen for the opportunity of a lifetime- building a community park for the empty town of Newcrest!

As outlined in his contract from the Sim Council, Adam must follow these instructions:
– The lot that Adam starts on must become the community park.
– Adam must complete his aspiration before building the park.
– Adam must grow at least eight plants to perfect quality before building the park.

Adam has negotiated with the Sim Council and, instead of having eight perfect quality plants, he will collect every plant type possible to keep in the park for other Sims to enjoy.

Thank you for being here and I hope to hear from you in the comments.

– Annie Reid

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