Tribe Members


Serafina is the Creator of Tribe Areia. After her old tribe was destroyed by a rival, she set off with her two slaves to find a new home in Oasis Springs. She is Active, Good and a Genius. Her aspiration is Successful Lineage and she looks forward to building a strong and loyal tribe of her own.


Ademar is one of the slaves from Serafina’s old tribe. They grew up together and she always had a soft spot for him. Ademar is Childish, Cheerful and a Bookworm.


Emanuel is a slave that Serafina bought when she left her old tribe. She knew she would need an extra helper to build her new home. Emanuel is Cheerful, a Bookworm, and he Hates Children.


Katrina grew up in a neighbouring tribe to Serafina. They were the best of friends and, when Katrina heard about Serafina’s old tribe, she immediately went to find her. Katrina is Romantic, Family Oriented and Hot-Headed. Her aspiration is Soulmate and she is the tribes Provider.


Dina is one of the daughters of Katrina. She has always been protective over her family and will do almost anything for them. Dina is Active, Romantic and Ambitious. She is skilled in fitness and is immediately appointed Warrior of the tribe. Dina has the Bodybuilder aspiration.


Nina is the second daughter of Katrina. When she joins the tribe, she has no skills or tribal aspirations, so she remains unassigned. She quickly finds her place as the tribe Gatherer. Nina is Lazy, Hot-Headed and Romantic. Her aspiration is Chief of Mischief, which may spell trouble for the tribe.


Don is a slave that joined the tribe along with Katrina and her daughters. He has trouble learning his place within the tribe and often crosses the line, especially when it comes to his feelings for Nina. Don is Noncommittal, Active and Romantic.


Ademar is the first born child of Serafina. He was named after his father, who was always loyal to the Creator. Ademar has the Mean trait, which may cause problems for him within the tribe.


Yolanda joins the tribe when Nina is banished. She takes her place as the tribes Gatherer, and has a special connection with Katrina. Yolanda is Neat, a Geek and a Kleptomaniac. Her aspiration is Curator and she hopes to earn her place in the tribe with all of the treasures she finds.


Clarissa is a talented artist and joins the tribe after two weeks. She paints for the tribe and writes books about the Creators. Clarissa is Creative, a Bookworm and a Perfectionist. Her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire.

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