1.3- Trial and Error

Adam spent the next couple of days working hard in his garden. Weeding, watering, spraying, fertilising. He felt like it was all he was doing. When he had finally learnt how to graft plants, he managed to create his first Dragonfruit. It was a huge success and only took one go for it to appear. Adam was pretty proud of himself for that. He had also tried to graft an orchid, but that hadn’t proved to be so successful. At least now he had a good, effective fertiliser. All he had to do was wait for the seed to sprout and be ready for harvest, which he knew could take a few more days. He decided he would stick to fishing in the mean time.

He spent several hours each day at the fishing hole and was beginning to get bored and lonely. He and Dina had really connected a few days before, but he hadn’t seen or heard from her since that night. He wondered if she had finally succumbed to Don’s advances, but kicked himself for thinking she was that sort of girl. She wasn’t and he liked that about her. She was kind and beautiful. Strong and independent. She was too good for a man like Don, and she knew it. Maybe it was him, he thought. Maybe he shared too much. He smirked. That’d be right, he thought. Can’t make a relationship last because he doesn’t share enough and now he shares so much it’s off-putting.

He took the fish he had caught so far and turned them into fertiliser. As he sprinkled them over some of his plants, he noted that he would need a lot more fertiliser if he wanted it to cover his whole garden. Five fish definitely wasn’t enough and barely got them ready to evolve. Trial and error, he thought. Next time he would just have to spend even more time at the fishing hole. Not that it left him with enough daylight to begin with.

One thing Adam noticed about Newcrest is that, even though it was great to have so many Sims exploring the neighbourhood and checking his progress, some of them didn’t seem to know how to clean up after themselves. He had, on several occasions since he had arrived, found rotting food and piles of rubbing on the ground. One time, he even picked up a pile of rubbish that was right next to a bin. It wasn’t like the bin was full already, the Sim must have just been so lazy that they couldn’t even take one more step to put the rubbish in the actual bin. It frustrated him and he decided to put up signs around all of the barbecue areas stating that Sim’s needed to put their rubbish in the bins before leaving. He hoped it would be effective because he was getting tired of cleaning up after them every single day. He had enough work to do as it was.

After cleaning up around the neighbourhood, there was so much rubbish that he ended up having to put some of it in his own bin. As he closed the lid, a familiar voice made him straighten up and his heart started to flutter. Adam turned to face her as she gave him a sweet smile. “Dina, I thought I would never see you again.” He grinned and she laughed. “I’m so sorry, Adam. I’ve been flat out at work. A pipe erupted in the kitchen while I was washing dishes and me and the other kitchen staff got flooded. It took a lot of overtime to get it all cleaned up.” Adam gasped. “Oh, well I’m glad you didn’t get swept out to sea. I would’ve missed ya!” As the words were escaping him, Adam tried to stop himself but it was no use. His face turned bright red. “That was lame, I’m sorry.” Dina just smiled. “It was cute. And I’m happy you would miss me if I was… you know, swept out to sea.” She giggled and Adam felt like he was going to melt.

Adam looked at the time, then back at Dina. “It’s getting late. I suppose you don’t have any dinner plans?”

“I just got off work, so I hadn’t really thought about it.”

Adam pointed to the cabin. “I could whip something up if you’d like to stay.”

Dina pursed her lips and looked up at the sky. “Hmm..” Adam suddenly felt nervous. “I’m just kidding,” she laughed, “I’d love to have dinner with you!”

Adam loved Dina’s sense of humour and was ecstatic that she agreed to have dinner with him. He wouldn’t go as far as to call it a date, but if it was, it was a good one. He cooked his best fish tacos and Dina thought it smelled amazing, which made Adam feel a little more confident. He wasn’t sure if he was a good cook because no one else had every tried his creations. Dina assured him that he was a really amazing cook. “You should totally come work where I work. I reckon you could be a Master Chef one day.” Adam blushed. “You’re just trying to be nice, I’m sure.” Dina looked up at him. “No, Adam. I’m serious. This is so good. And I normally hate fish tacos.” Adam was once again feeling pretty proud of himself and, when dinner came to an end and Dina had to leave, he wanted to invite her to stay the night. But by the time he got the courage to ask, she had already left.

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

2 thoughts on “1.3- Trial and Error

  1. She ate dinner with him! Woot! I got worried when she joked like she had to think about it. haha Maybe her sense of humor matches Adam’s better than he thinks? That swept out to see line was funny, btw. I love Adam.


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