1.17- Making Amends

With the latest addition to the McClure household came tension between Byron and his parents. He felt as though the new baby was getting more attention than he ever had. Adam decided it was time to have a conversation with him about everything. “How have you been going with school?” Adam smiled, trying his best to hide the fact that he already knew the answer. “Meh.” Byron shrugged. “It’s just school.” Dina looked concerned. “Honey, school is important.” She was met with another shrug.

“Your mum is right. I spoke to your teacher this morning and she is worried about you.” Adam tried to speak calmly. “Your grades have been falling. Are you struggling with anything?” Byron looked at his dad. “Like you really care. You guys are more interested in Blaire than me.” Dina looked at Adam, then back at her son. “Honey, that’s not true. We love you both.”

“Bullplum!” Byron stood up and threw his fork onto the plate. “You’re both lying!” He stormed out, leaving his parents sitting at the table in shock.

Adam and Dina thought about Byron’s outburst. Maybe he was right. Maybe they had been paying more attention to Blaire. After all, when Byron was little they were focusing on their careers. Now, they were focusing more on their children and Blaire was very clingy. Maybe they needed to spend more time with their son. They needed to make the most of it while they still could. Blaire was doing well with her skills and would be having her birthday soon after Byron’s, so maybe it was time to put the focus on him for a while.

Their plan seemed to make a huge difference. After focusing more on Byron, he began to warm up to his little sister. “Here you go,” he passed her a plate of food. “I made you some leftovers. Dad is a really good chef.” Byron talked to her while she polished off the plate. “You know, you’re actually not that bad. I reckon we could be friends.” He smiled at her. Maybe having a little sister wasn’t such a horrible thing, he thought.

Byron even started doing his homework again. His favourite place to work was Blaire’s bedroom. She would drift off to sleep as he read through his book and explained the work to her. He knew she wouldn’t understand yet, but thought maybe it would make her smarter later in life. His grades began to climb again and soon he was an A student. Adam and Dina were proud of his efforts and glad that they had chosen to focus more of their attention on him.

By the time Byron’s birthday arrived, he had become physically gifted and was just as happy and sociable as he was before his grandmother passed away. Adam and Dina had their little boy back and they were looking forward to seeing what he achieved next. Byron blew out the candles on the Blue Confetti Cake that his dad had made and, all of a sudden, he was a teenager. His childhood was behind him and he had new dreams. He strived to be a perfectionist and wanted to be a friend of the world, which would be a great addition to being Mayor.

Byron wanted everyone to get along and the first thing he did was invite his Aunty Nina over for birthday cake. He hoped that it would be an opportunity for his mum to make up with her sister. “It’s been such a long time. I’ve been trying to call you but haven’t been able to get in contact. How have you been?” she smiled. Dina looked at her. “How do you think I have been?” Nina’s smile dropped. “Dina, I’m so sorry I kept that from you. Mum begged me not to say anything. She knew how busy you were with your job and how happy you were with your family. She just didn’t want to bring you down.”

Dina glared at her sister. “You have got to be kidding me. You’re telling me she thought it would be better to find out when it was too late to say goodbye?” Nina began to tear up. “The doctors said she was going to be okay. We had no idea she was going to die. It was so sudden.”

“Yeah, it was.” Dina looked away. “At least you got to spend time with her before she died.”

“That’s not my fault!” Nina shouted. “You could have called anyway. Even if she was healthy, you could have made that call.”

“Stop it!” Byron slammed his hand down on the table. “It’s my birthday! You two are sisters! You should be grieving together and helping each other through it. Not fighting over it.”

Dina looked at her son and the four of them sat in silence for a while. Byron had grown into a smart and sensible young man and Adam was proud of him. He had no doubt he would be a better Mayor than himself.

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

2 thoughts on “1.17- Making Amends

  1. Sorry for the huge delay with the McClure family. My save file was corrupted when I tried to continue. I have started again, following the same timeline as I did before and am finally up to Byron’s teen birthday. New chapters will be up real soon.


  2. However, I do have a question… it is the day before Adam’s elder birthday. Should I let him age up or would you like him to be around longer with the use of a youth potion? Look forward to hearing your opinion.


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