1.16- (Not) Welcome to the World

The next few days went by fast and Adam had decided to start jogging again. All the cooking he had been doing over the past few weeks had caused him to gain weight and he wanted it gone. Exercise also allowed him to think about the future and how he was going to have the ‘Mayor’ conversation with Byron. It was almost his birthday and he would finally be a teenager, which meant he would be old enough to start thinking about his responsibilities as the potential Mayor of Newcrest.

Of course, there was always another option if Byron didn’t want to be Mayor, but Adam was hopeful that he would. He truly believed that Byron would make a great leader. Dina hadn’t really been thinking much about the family’s duties, she was excited about the fast approaching birth of their second baby.

Adam, on the other hand, wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon. He went into a panic when Dina informed him it was time. “It can’t be! It has only been three days!” Dina looked at him and rolled her eyes. “Honey, that’s how long it is supposed to take.” Adam continued to run on the spot. “That’s crazy! No pregnancy should be that quick!”

Before long, it was all over and Adam stopped panicking. As he held his new baby daughter in his arms, all his concerns seemed to disappear, even if only for a little while. “Welcome to the world, my precious little princess.” He looked at her tiny face and vowed to always protect her.

And so, Blaire McClure was born, much to the unexpected dismay of her big brother. All of his excitement about having a sibling had vanished when he first saw her in her bassinet. “Great,” he muttered. “Girls always steal all the attention. You were meant to be a little brother.” He looked down at her and frowned before walking away.

It wasn’t long before Blaire was a toddler and she looked so cute with her mum’s red hair and her dad’s tanned skin. She grew to be clingy and, as Byron had predicted, got a lot of attention from their parents. The only time she wasn’t demanding time with them was when she was playing with the doll house.

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