1.15- Life and Death

Katrina Caliente
Loving Mother to Nina and Dina
Forever In Our Hearts

It was a difficult day for Dina. She had just found out that her mother had passed away after being ill for a while. She had no idea that her mother was sick and was angry at her sister for keeping it from her. But most of all, she was angry at herself for not making peace with her mother before she died. Their last conversation was replaying in Dina’s mind, over and over again. They had fought about parenting and that was something Dina would always regret. It was a silly argument. And now she could never apologise for it.

Katrina was buried at the back of her property facing the big pond. It was a beautiful view and it was what Katrina had wanted. Well, that’s what Nina said anyway. Apparently Katrina had told her when she was almost at the end of her life. Dina had never heard her talk about the pond at all. It was such a sudden tragedy and Dina wished she knew what was about to happen.

Adam was concerned about his wife. Normally, she would never drink alone. But when he went to check on her after she returned from the funeral, he found her standing by the bar, drink in hand and staring at the wall. The news had hit her hard and Adam wasn’t sure what to do or say to console her. Instead, he could only watch as she poured herself another drink and stared blankly into the distance.

Byron had been taking the news pretty hard as well. He spent the next few days sitting quietly on the monkey bars by himself. His grades had started to fall and he wasn’t doing his homework. Their active little boy who loved spending time with his friends was becoming isolated. Adam tried his best to talk to Byron about how he was feeling, but was often met with silence or a simple nod in response. He was growing more and more concerned about his family.

It seemed that the only person that could make Byron feel better was his mum. When she started to come around, so did he. When she started smiling again, he started talking. It was as though they had some sort of connection linking their emotions.

Dina was hoping that her exciting news would help Byron feel better as well. She smiled at her son and gestured to her belly. “Byron, you are going to be a big brother soon.” He looked at her for a moment before a smile appeared on his face. She was so happy that her family was growing again and that Byron was looking more like her little boy again.

When she told Adam, he was even more excited. “I bet we will have a beautiful little girl. A pigeon pair would be great.” He kissed her on the cheek and pulled her close. He had his wife back and he had never felt so relieved in his life.

“Girl or boy, I’m excited to have another child. And this time, I’m not going to miss any of the milestones.” She hugged him tight, breathing in the smell of gourmet food.

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