1.13- Responsibilities

While Dina and Adam hated being away from their son, Byron looked forward to his time with Jaxton. He liked how funny he looked with no hair and would often giggle when he saw him. Jaxton wasn’t sure why Byron was always laughing at him, but he didn’t mind. He figured it meant he liked him. “What’s so funny, buddy?” he would say, which would just earn him even more laughter.

When Adam and Dina were home, they would spend as much time as they could with Byron before it was time for bed or for them to leave again. Byron was learning fast, which was good because it wasn’t long until he would celebrate his birthday- the one that meant he was no longer a toddler and it was time for a whole lot of homework. Dina was dreading it, she wanted time to slow down. She had, on many occasions, considered leaving her job to spend more time with him, but they needed the money for Byron to use for the town. They had already received the letter from the council.

Dear Mayor and Mrs McClure,

We congratulate you on your recent addition to your family. With this addition comes a great deal of responsibility. If you and your family wish to continue to live in Newcrest, your child must decide what the town needs next. We were very happy with the park you built and understand that your child is not yet old enough to take over as Mayor, but preparations must be made. Please respond as soon as your child has made their decision and let us know what your child plans to contribute to Newcrest.

Thank you,


Neither of them were sure how they would begin that conversation with Byron or when the right time would be, but they knew it would still be a little while. All they wanted to do was cherish their time with their little boy while he was still little.

His favourite thing to do was play at the park, even though there wasn’t really anything for him to do apart from run around. He still enjoyed the fresh air and meeting all the Sims that would visit the park.

Of course, whenever the family went to the park, Adam would spend some time in his garden. Mr. Cowplant was always excited to see him because he would always bring a juicy steak for him to eat. Adam was proud of his accomplishments so far and hoped that Byron would make the decision to continue the legacy one day, though he would support him either way.

While the boys were doing their own thing, Dina would usually grill up some hot dogs. She knew they would need something to eat after they finished what they were doing. They would sit at the picnic table together and enjoy the fresh air and the sound of Sims chatting and playing. That particular day was a special one. It was Byron’s birthday and Dina wanted one last hurrah at the park with their toddler.

When the family returned home, they got ready for the party. Adam, of course, was cooking in the kitchen. He needed a lot of practise if he wanted to become a Master Chef. He was getting really good and had even started practising Gourmet recipes. Cooking was something he had always loved to do, but if it wasn’t for Dina, he never would have come this far.

When it was time for the party, Dina brought Byron out in an adorable little tuxedo. Katrina attempted to steal the show with her loud, off-key wailing while Byron was blowing out his candles.

Byron grew into a handsome child. He looked so much like his dad and was active like his mum. His childhood dream was to be a rambunctious scamp and become physically gifted.

It was a proud day for both Adam and Dina and they looked forward to all the exciting things to come.

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