1.11- Nooboo

Adam had just finished cleaning when he heard the shouting coming from the bedroom. “Dina, what’s the matter?” He ran through the door to find her doubled over on the edge of the bed. “The baby!” she groaned. Helping her up, he led her to the front door. “No.” she stopped him. “There’s no time. It’s coming now.” Adam wrapped his arm around her and helped her to the nursery. “Breathe, honey. I’m right here.”

Dina stood in front of the bassinet, holding her giant belly as she moaned in pain. Adam did his best to guide her breathing and remain calm himself. A few minutes had passed before the baby was finally ready to enter the world. Dina took one last deep breath.

And just like that, the McClure family had grown with the birth of a little nooboo.

Adam shed a few tears as he held his son in his arms. He was so tiny, so fragile. Adam couldn’t believe that he and Dina had created such a beautiful Sim. “I will always protect you,” he smiled. “Byron.”

He looked at his wife, who was exhausted from the birth. He felt so proud of her in that moment and couldn’t imagine his life without her.

When Nina and Katrina heard the news, they couldn’t wait to meet little Byron. “He doesn’t really do much, does he?” Nina frowned.

“He’s a newborn. Give him time.” Dina smiled at the bundle of joy as he slept. “So, what do you think, mum? Still not ready to be a grandma?”

Katrina shrugged. “I guess it’s not so bad. But maybe he could call me GiGi instead. That doesn’t make me sound so old.”

The next few days were long. Byron demanded a lot of attention, and Adam and Dina were working hard at their jobs. They had decided to hire a nanny for when their shifts clashed. Dina spent most of her working days anxious to get home to her son. She hated being away from him so much. She would actually look forward to the midnight feeds and nappy changes.

Most of the time, Dina came home from work feeling pretty tense and Adam wanted to do something to cheer her up. She had been so busy that she hadn’t even thought about her upcoming birthday. Adam on the other hand made sure she celebrated it. She had given him so much already and he wanted to make sure she didn’t miss anything in her own life.

After blowing out the candles on the Strawberry cake Adam had made for her, she rewarded him with a make out session. They were still allowed to do that after all. They both wanted to make sure that having a baby wouldn’t kill the romantic side of their marriage.

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

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