1.10- Celebration

Dina’s pregnancy was a roller coaster. Having a baby was exciting, to have a little life growing inside of her was a blessing. The morning sickness on the other hand was awful. She spent a majority of her day in the bathroom. On this particular day, she just wanted it to subside so that she could enjoy the celebrations. It was a big day in the McClure household and she wanted it to be perfect. As she stirred the cake batter, she heard the shower turn off. Adam was up early, he must have noticed she wasn’t next to him. Dina poured the mix into the cake tin and closed the oven before returning to the bedroom.

The morning had passed and Dina had managed to hide the cake before Adam saw it. She had told him her mother and sister were coming over so she could share the big news. It was a great cover story and she was proud of herself for keeping a surprise. Nina was ecstatic when she found out about the baby. “Aunty Nina. Has a nice ring to it.”

Katrina was not as excited. “I’m way too young to be a grandmother, you know.” Nina laughed. “You’re not that young, mum.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Katrina frowned. Dina and Nina looked at each other and smiled. “Nothing, mother.” Nina smirked.

Dina stood up and gestured to the spare room. “We should probably get ready. Adam will be home from work soon.”

When Adam returned home, he was shocked to find the ladies dressed up and waiting for him. “Surprise!” They yelled as he walked in the front door. “Happy Birthday, honey.” Dina smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Why don’t you go change and meet us at the bar.”

He put on his nice blazer and jeans before making his way to the bar where Dina, Nina and Katrina were sitting and chatting. “Well, this is a surprise.” He grinned at Dina. “I thought you had forgotten.” Dina laughed, placed her hand on his. “I would never forget your birthday.”

Adam really was surprised. No one had ever done anything like this for him before and he couldn’t help but thank the Watcher for sending him the girl of his dreams. As he stood before the Hamburger cake that Dina had made, he admired her effort. She had done such a good job with the detail and He loved it. Closing his eyes, he made a wish that they would grow old together before blowing out the candles.

Overall, it had been a successful party and the four of them spent the rest of it dancing away in the Living Room. Even Dina, who’s morning sickness had disappeared, was showing off her awesome dance moves, although her growing belly made it a little difficult.

Katrina was busy trying to prove that she was still young and was tearing up the floor.

Soon enough, the guests had left and Adam and Dina were alone.. well, almost alone. The baby had begun to kick like crazy and Adam loved how it felt against his hands. “Amazing.” he kept saying. “So little, yet so strong.”

Dina smiled weakly. “Sure is. Do you mind if I have a nap. I’m feeling pretty worn out.” Adam looked at her. “Of course, let’s go.”

Taking Dina’s hand, he led her to the bedroom and helped her change and lay down on the bed. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow and he decided not to disturb her by trying to move the blankets. He kissed her on the cheek before returning to the kitchen to clean up.

Dina was dreaming about their baby when, all of a sudden, a strange pain shot her awake. “Adam!” she called out as she sat upright on the bed. “Adam!!”

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

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