1.6- A New Chapter

The following morning held so many possibilities for Adam. He decided to go for one last jog around Ridgeline Drive before drawing up the plans for the park. He wasn’t sure what he wanted it to look like but he knew he wanted it to be a place where every Sim had something to do, no matter their age. As his feet moved against the ground, Adam felt as though his future held many more opportunities for him. He couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for him next.

After around an hour of jogging, Adam was in desperate need of a shower. Scrubbing the Shampoo into his hair, he began to list off some names for the park. He didn’t want to name it after himself, so he decided to go with a simple name. Sure, there wasn’t a huge amount of thought put into the name, but it was good enough. Newcrest Park & Gardens. It had a nice ring to it, he thought. Adam stepped out of the shower and dried himself off before getting dressed.

The first thing Adam decided to include in the park was a couple of barbecues and picnic tables. After he had set them up, he decided to test out one of the grills. Bad idea as it turned out. One of the connections was loose and Adam ended up starting a fire. Luckily, he had already invested in a fire extinguisher and he managed to put the fire out before it spread. After a moment of trying to catch his breath, he realised that it was probably a good thing he had tried to use the grill. If he hadn’t, another Sim could have been badly hurt when the park was open.

Adam replaced the grill and was double checking the other one when he heard a strange noise coming from the garden. He went to investigate only to find that his Cowplant was fully grown. He marvelled at the creature before offering it some food. “Here you go, Mr. Cowplant!” The creature opened it’s mouth really wide and snatched the food from Adam’s hand. “Woah, easy!” Adam yanked his hand back. This was a dangerous creature. He would have to make sure he fed it every day.

The Cowplant began to nudge Adam as if to apologise. “Aww, look at you,” he smiled and gave it a scratch on the chin. “You’re really just a huge softie, aren’t ya?” The Cowplant gave him a toothy grin, making Adam smile. “Well, Mr. Cowplant, we have that in common. Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit you heaps.” He gave the Cowplant one last pat before saying goodbye to the rest of his plants. He sure was going to miss his little cabin, but he definitely couldn’t wait to get to his new home.

It had been an interesting journey so far. Adam thought about the day he moved to Newcrest and all the Sims that were excited to meet him. Well, mostly excited. He remembered Mortimer Goth, the intimidating Mayor of Willow Creek, and was glad he hadn’t crossed paths with him since. He reminisced over the day he had met Dina while she was out on her daily jog. He pictured her cute little outfit that suited her so well and her gorgeous smile that stopped him in his tracks. Then he looked up at his new home that stood before him. It was so much bigger than the cabin, not that that was difficult. As he climbed the stairs to his front door, he thought about how excited he was to begin the next chapter of his life, perhaps a shared life with a very special lady.

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

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