1.5- Complete Collection

It had been another week or so since Adam and Dina shared their first kiss and entered into a relationship and things couldn’t be more perfect. The two of them spent a lot of time together and Dina loved listening to Adam as he rambled on about his plants. He was so excited about the fact that his garden was almost complete and he could build the park soon. Dina was proud of how well he had done so far and couldn’t wait to see what the park would look like when it was finally finished.

News of their relationship had quickly spread, with Katrina being the one to spread it. She was excited that one of her daughters would soon be Mrs. Mayor, even if the two of them weren’t quite at the stage of marriage yet.

“Won’t you miss her if she moves away from Oasis Springs?” Katrina’s friend asked.

“Are you kidding me?” Katrina laughed. “I’ve been trying to nudge those girls out the door for years. They’re too old to be living at home.”

Her friend raised an eyebrow at her. “Oh, please! You just want Donny boy all to yourself.”

“Guilty,” Katrina grinned. “You have to admit, he is great eye and arm candy.”

Adam tried to ignore the ladies as they spoke loudly enough for him to hear every word. He hadn’t officially met Katrina Caliente, but from what he had heard about her, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to spend a lot of time with her. She seemed more concerned with having her boy toy to herself than the fact that he had, on several occasions, tried to get with both of her daughters. That seemed pretty messed up to Adam. He turned on his brand new weeder to drown out their voices.

On his journey to collecting every plant type he possibly could, Adam came across six different coloured beans. He decided to plant and water them to see what happened. As he poured the water over them, the ground began to shake. He stumbled backwards and stared in disbelief as a giant tree appeared. It was unlike any tree he had ever seen and in it’s trunk was a kind of arched entrance.

Adam took a deep breath before cautiously stepping inside. It was strange. It seemed to lead to an alternate world. Adam wasn’t sure how this was possible, but he walked forward until he came upon another tree. This one was glowing and had a strange fruit growing on it. Adam looked around before harvesting the tree. All of a sudden, the tree disappeared and he was surrounded by darkness before appearing back in his garden.

Adam felt strange, confused. He noticed he was still holding the fruit so he knew he was not imagining the whole thing. Planting it in the ground, he decided to add it to his book once he knew what it was. Adam looked around at his garden and realised that he had collected every plant type. Even what was called a Cowplant Berry was almost completely grown. Once the rest of his plants were fully grown, he would finally be able to build the park and move to his new home. He had already organised the construction of a house in Bridgeview, the neighbourhood next to Ridgeline Drive, and he couldn’t wait to move in.

When Dina came to visit later that day, Adam showed her the garden and told her the big news. She was so happy that he was almost done with his work. Dina had been encouraging him to get a job as a Chef. “I really believe that you could be the best Chef in town,” she would say. Adam would smile and respond with, “I would be the only Chef in town.” Still, he liked that she loved his cooking so much and was considering taking her advice. After all, he would need something to do once the park was completed.

Published by Annie Reid

Writer and Simmer

2 thoughts on “1.5- Complete Collection

  1. He’s moving right along. It’s cool that he has every plant now! And I wonder what will happen with the other universe? Oh, and Katrina seems like a piece of work. lol


    1. He is 😊 it was interesting trying to collect all of them and I plan to add to the garden as new packs are added. It’s going to be massive and I hope I can find room. It’s a shame it didn’t show the other universe, that would’ve been pretty cool. Hopefully Katrina grows on him. After all, she might end up being his mother in law one day

      Liked by 1 person

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